VCI 100 & Traktor effects mapping help
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    Default VCI 100 & Traktor effects mapping help

    my problem is this...

    the effect buttons between the eq knobs (lets call them main effect) have the same mapping (Ch01.Note.d#5) as the far right button in the effects area (below the furthest right knob).

    When I'm on effect parameter A the left main effect is linked with the far right effect button. // And when I'm on parameter B the right main effect button is linked with the far right effect button

    Whats going on here, surely this isn't right. I want these button to do different things and not be linked.

    Is everyones vci100 mapped like this?
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    You got the old firmware. Djtechtools offered / offer a fw kit that'll fix that. If you get it I suggest the overlay too. Look at the djtt store for more info
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