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    My friend and I have been in a band a long time. When our music became lifeless, we started writing electronic music. A year into our craft and there still seems to be this elusive roadblock that comes with trying to write together. I would LOVE to hear other peoples tips or experiences with workflow.

    We've tried everything from just sticking to our own designated tracks to sending things back and forth. But in the end we both end up doing everything and then when it comes to stemming things out and deciding the flow of the song or use of effects, things get convoluted and messy. I understand everyone is different, but maybe there's techniques we haven't tried

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    great thread. to me it sounds like both you just need some more time practicing producing together. instead of trying to make individual tunes and put them together, you should try to focus on developing a good work flow together. this means that sometimes you have to compromise and let the other person mess around with the track in ways that you may not always want them to.
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    ^this. Just practice writing together. One does bass and drums, one does the riffs and lead. Then switch. You will get better with practice, and like he said, compromise.
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