I'm totally psyched about this track I'm making!
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    Default I'm totally psyched about this track I'm making!

    Yeah, well, today I started making this track and now im absolutely excited of what I've come up so far.
    I started making some the prodigy style beats and then evolved to what it is now.
    For the first time I made a custom template with a lot of synth I usually use and stuff and it REALLY works for the workflow of making a track. I recommend everybody to take the time and make your own template, it really saves you up a lot of time and helps a lot with the creative worflow.

    Anyways, this is the track, its just a preview, I'm thinking of extending it to about 8 minutes or more depending when I feel its finished.

    Its just a work in progress there is still a loot to be done, first finishing the arengement and lots and lots of stuff more.
    Hope you like it.
    Comments are apreciated!

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    very nice man totally diggin its vibe has a nice live drum sound which is totally awesome sounds very videogame/ ending credit style cant wait to here the finished product

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