I've only seen various articles and videos about using this technique, so I only got to thinking about it without trying yet. I've seen people remove vocals from songs using phase cancellation. It's not perfect, but it somewhat does the trick.

Does anyone use this trick to remove drum samples from certain songs? I was thinking you could take a loop a bar long in perhaps the drop of a dubstep song, and line it up with a different bar where the only thing similar is the drums. Would it work to use phase cancellation to take out the drums in those two loops? You could then do it backwards to get just the drum sounds if it did in fact work, or so I think?

I'm just wondering if anyone has done this, or if there's an easier process to do this but for entire songs. I know it might not be perfect and such, but when it's in a mix with a lot of other musical elements going on, one would have a hard time noticing (unless this doesn't work as well as I'm thinking it would). The ability to do it for full songs would be great when I'm working in Ableton Live, opening up tons of possibilities.