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    Quote Originally Posted by wgdavis78 View Post
    just some info for how i use the vci and all that....

    i strictly mix house/electrohouse/breaks/techno.....

    worrying about speakers at this point isnt at all that necessary...

    the clubs will have the sound for you and a dedicated soundguy -audio tech

    all you really need to do is plug in your vci, plug in your sound card, turn your comp on, turn on traktor, and run your audio from the soundcard straight into the mixer at the club which is already going to be set up with the sound...its pretty simple... i usally just plug into an unsed channel and then i am off!

    however...if you want to practice at can either use a moderate stereo system, or invest in some decent monitors.

    as far as setting up your vci to work with traktor its as simple as opening a word document...basically u tell traktor to use a certain file ( tks file ) which will then map all the controls of the faders and what not to the vci...takes no more than 3 seconds to do...

    if your looking at scratchign with the vci--i dontthink its quite there yet...however it is possible...but...i personally think its hard...check out the cardboard box scratch machine on the front page of DJTT...that thing is great!

    hope this helps!
    So basically i would just end up using the two jog wheels to cue up an incoming song correct?

    Thanks alot btw!

    Wut sound card do you guys recommend!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaycee8980 View Post
    Wut sound card do you guys recommend!!!
    The M-Audio will work fine unless you have a bigger budget and can afford an RME soundcard .

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    to answer your question...yes you can use the vci just like a cdj with an on board mixer.... however you may want to use the fader from the mixer at the club ( external mixer ) to mix and all that which you can do as well...but is depandant on which sound card you get....

    no problem...its pretty simple man...if you need the tks file you can find it on vestaxs site..or you cna ask anyone of us....i personally use the regular old tks file .....

    and i am playing with "super knobs" at the moment...look back in the archive as Ean made a great tutorial on these....

    as far as a sound card Ean also made a video on this site...i think it all comes down to preference and wht your willing to spend....

    some use the Audio 8 Dj from Native instruments...some use the presonus firebox...

    you really just got to look at how many inputs or outputs you for me i thought i would need alot of inputs/outputs...which is why i chose the motu ultralite...basically my friend who spins on tables can run his sound through my sound card at the same time i am jamming......

    its a tough decision...but educating yourself on this site will defintley help you out...

    first question is whats ur budget?
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    DELL XPS M1710 : MOTU Ultralite : VCI-100
    dirty electro funky hip house:eek:

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    My budget is around 500$. I figured $150 for M audio Pro and $400 for VCI. But yeah under 600.

    What cable would I use to connect my VCI to an external souncard?

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    the M-Audio will work fine for you.

    The sound card connects to your laptop not the vci

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrel855 View Post
    the M-Audio will work fine for you.

    The sound card connects to your laptop not the vci
    i know that. What cable connects the VCI to the soundcard...

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    the VCI connects to the laptop via USB

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    ah there we go! lol thanks so wait wait would i ever need an external sound card? Or would I need it only to connect speakers to and a headphone input?

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    if you want to be able to prelisten to tracks you need an external sound card .So you can listen to the next song you plan on playing and make sure it's synced up with the song playing .

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    Does the VCI have buttons I can assign samples to? So I can have my reggae horns going off regularly ??? :P

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