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    yes it does

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    Final question. I hear Traktor LE ships with the VCI. What is it?

    I hear its mapped right out of the box? CorrecT?

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    correct that's probally is the best place for you to start . It's basicly a stripped down version of Traktor that is great because for beginners because there aren't a lot of extra features to side track someone who is learning the basics .

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    if you are looking to fire off samples you may need another program to do that but yes its MIDI capable, and if the software you use is midi capable and you can do it in the software ...then yes

    i think your confusing yourself....

    think of the vci as a joystick...where you can make the buttons knobs faders do whatever you want them to do ....the software just has to recognize the button you press and know what to do when you press the button...

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    basicly go out buy the stuff and start experimenting and most of all be patient .

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    Grab a VCI and a Soundcard and start from there, dont worry about buying multiple midi devices or cdj's at the moment. Just start with one midi device and when you have that working how you like you will understand your own personal needs alot better and be able to choose an appropriate midi device suited to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrel855 View Post
    You won't be playing 14,000 songs in one night . I'd recomend having a small wallet of CD's no matter what you plan on using as a back up .

    ya, id have at least enough burned to fill your time slot for all the just in case scenarios out there.

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    if u dont have enough money to purchase a external soundcrad u can also use the asio4all software. with this programm u can use ur usb-headset for prelistening, but its not a final solution. im using it right now too, cause i dont actually have any money and im just mixing at home for myself. i can say it home.
    or u buy urself a vci-300. it has an external soundcart integrated.
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    One piece of my puzzle is completed. I got the M Audio Fast Track Pro today. Nice piece of equip i must say.

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    Ok I have an update and a few questions!

    1. I have Mini KP and I am getting a VCI 100 soon. How many inputs and outputs should i look for in a soundcard?

    2. I think I am going to get some JBL Active 15 Eon's. Good Idea? I am not too fond of the whole Amp/passive speakers think. Seems too complicated.

    3. What else would I need?

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