Very First Mix: UK Hardcore/Happycore/Hardcore Mix 2012
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    Default Very First Mix: UK Hardcore/Happycore/Hardcore Mix 2012

    Hi guys, here are two of my UKHardcore/HHC/Hardcore (Just generalize it as Hardcore :P) mixes that I did recently. Just started off as neophyte, so I'm still trying to get some things polished out. Prolly find out a few things here and there.

    Episode 1:
    Episode 1 in HD:
    Episode 2:

    My set up is just a simple MBP + VDJ Pro, but now I'm planning to get the Touch DJ Evolution for iPad. Hopefully it'll provide more of a tactile approach to dj-ing.

    If you have any comment or constructive feedback/criticism for me, I kindly invite you to post it either here or on youtube. The only way for me, or anyone for that matter, to improve is through feedback guys!

    Thanks for listening, and please, do support the Hardcore Scene!
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    Tracklists are available on the actual Youtube pages. And as I speak, no, type rather, a third mix is being formulated. I promise it'll be much better than this. Promise.

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    Default New Mix! : Hardcore 4Ever Ep 3

    I just posted a New Mix on the intertubes.

    Hardcore 4Ever Ep 3:


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