virtual dj mxl documentation?
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    Default virtual dj mxl documentation?

    i was looking in my virtual dj folders and i saw this file named virtual dj mxl documentations. what is this for? it has tracked and documented every file i have played through my stanton djc.4. everything from the artitst to the release date and comments about the artists. is this being sent to some one or is it so it can map out where the music files are on my computer? im under the assumption its sending out information about what songs i have been playing threw the djc.4 to vdj. can someone please help me understand what this is about?

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    Probably best to ask on the stanton or VDJ forums if you want to know for sure, but it's probably the song database, always back this folder up at least once a month, I have never had any problems with my database but have read of others having their database being corrupted, which would make me cry as my cues, levels and tags are all lovingly set to make the browser easy to handle.

    My Database for VDJ Pro is called "VirtualDJ Database v6.xml" it might be different for VDJ LE.

    The database contains information for
    • file location, size, length, bitrate etc...
    • cue points name and time
    • bpm, track start and finish markers
    • filter folders
    • virtual folders
    • play history
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    sweet, thanks for your reply synthet1c. always appreciated

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