Seeking vci-100 mapping
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    Default Seeking vci-100 mapping

    Hey all!

    Since im stuck with the VCI-100 firmwire 1.2 and cant try the SE i thought i would make the best of it . I have been trying the SE tsk's for Traktor 3 and as we all know many functions are disable. The only (and coolest) thing that works for me is 'Juggle Mode' . But thats not so funny because the other functions dont work.
    So i thought, is there anybody whos good at midi-mapping for the vci-100 that could 'copy' the 'Juggle Mode' into the standard vci-100 mapping ( so if you turned juggle mode on it would activate the juggle but when you turned it off it would go into normal mode?
    If anybody could/would make this mapping he would be my new hero

    Best Regards and thanks for reading!

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