Experimenting with a new mixing style
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    Default Experimenting with a new mixing style

    Hey guys, i'm not sure how many of you spin hip hop, but i've been getting bored with the ol blending the incoming song overtop the outgoing chorus. It's not exciting for me to do that anymore therefore I look bored. I've been experimenting with looping the 2nd and 3rd beats of songs intros to give them a different sound. That way its more difficult for the audience to recognize the next incoming track. It sounds familiar but its different enough. Is there a name for this kind of technique.

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    You could try juggling it gives you so many new possibilities when mixing
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    Set up up markers so you can jump to different parts of a track, I sometimes mix a track in using a loop at the end or middle, then POW drop it from the start seamless stylee

    *is this juggling? dunno*

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    if you mix a lot of hip hop and want a real challenge, try mix-and-matching straight up acapellas and instrumentals in a continuous mix, it'll keep you thinking and moving, and it's like a huge mashup. of course you can throw in full tracks now and then, but it's a technique to think about.
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