Traktor 2.5.1 & Powered USB Hubs
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    Default Traktor 2.5.1 & Powered USB Hubs

    Hiya folks,

    In case you didn't know already, 2.5.1 kicks major ass. You now no longer need Scratch Pro to use the CDJ 900/2000 with Traktor. This is awesome, and I am now trollololololing everyone I know that ever bought the Scratch Pro upgrade so they could use CDJs, because timecode CDs have nowhere near the accuracy of the new HID support How do you guys feel about this? If I had to guess, we'll eventually see NI combine all of Traktor's features into one version, because this most recent upgrade makes Scratch Pro take a pretty big value hit. Anyways, I now presume that a lot more of us controllerists will start using CDJs in our setups whenever we have the chance, which brings me (and I'm sure a lot of other people now salivating at the prospect of using CDJs on the reg) to my next point:

    I normally run an S4 with a midi fighter, but most venues I play at have CDJ 900s/2000s. I now plan on including CDJs in my setup whenever I have the opportunity so I can constantly have full transport control of 4 decks; but alas, there are only two USB ports on my MacBook Pro. I now need a powered USB hub so I can take full advantage of the latest Traktor update. Anyone out there have any recommendations?


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    Any self respecting CDJ2000/900 owner still has some wheels of steel besides those pioneers
    Old school vinyl & vinyl timecode FTW !
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    people on the dancefloor will notice it... but good news for those spending 2K for a simple & single deck MIDI/HID controller
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    Take a look at these..

    Personally, I actually use a non-powered hub in my setup. I run my interface on a solo port, then have a 4-port hub that powers my X1, F1, Maschine, and Dicers just fine. Though for my production setup I have the 7-port Cable Unlimited hub that is listed on that page, and it works great.
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    belkin ftw!

    been using it for all gigs, and knock on wood, has been amazing.

    A buddy of mine has been using a CyberPower for quite awhile now and nothing but positive feed back as well!

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    There are quite a few threads recommending different hubs and at least 2 blog posts on the matter. Search the forums mate.

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