The Big Thread Of Recommended Live Streams
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    Default The Big Thread Of Recommended Live Streams

    Since threads recommending live streams of events pop up on here quite regularly, I think it would be a good idea to keep these a dedicated thread instead of posting a new one (or two... *wink* @ Tomorrowland) for each event.

    So let's start the (not yet) Big Thread Of Recommended Live Streams!

    My first recommendation:

    Dennis Ferrer @ Welcome To The Future Festival

    Really good so far! Later Josh Wink vs. Steve Bug and 2000 and One vs. Daniel Sanchez


    I just figured it would be good to have a list of sites that often offer live streams in the first post, so here are some of my favourites:
    Genre: Mixed EDM
    I really like how frequently they are streaming events and the broad range of music they cover. Also they do not only stream but also record the sets so they are available for re-listening. The community also is quite good at posting track IDs so it's also a decent way to discover music.
    Genres: Mixed but with a tendency towards Techno
    Some really good streams in here too. Not as regular as but with some great quality.

    Beatport Live Ustream Channel
    Genre: Mixed
    As most of you probably know, Beatport invites artists to spin at their Denver/Berlin offices weekly. The Berlin shows mostly focus on more underground Techno/House (obviously), while the Denver show often has Dubstep and more banging EDM. I personally prefer streaming live events because these studio shows can seem a bit sterile, but if you're interested in observing the technical tricks of some big (and not so big) names, this is definitely a good way to do so.

    Also, some bigger events do host their own live streams like Tomorrowland currently (and some have started charging for it), so keep your eyes open for those.

    Feel free to extend the list!
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