this is a response to an article posted earlier : building a digital dj emergency kit/

im sure many of you out there have ipods, and if you are like me, you like having alot of music with you. i personally have the ipod classic 80GB. after reading the DJTT article, an idea came to mind. it goes like this:

apple introduced the ipod classic and also made available a feature to use it as an Ipod and Hard drive in one. now after reading this, the rest is probably obvious to many of you. now the thought i had is that you can make an ultimite emergency device out of your ipod classic. not only can you have songs to play straight through a mixer via your ipod headphone jack, but you can also have premixed emergency playlists or just a good playlist in your ipods playlist section. easy save. on the other side, you can load software, patches and all the other things mentioned in the DJTT article in the Hard Drive part of the ipod to be used just like a thumb drive.

the benifit of this is that you can have music in a pinch, and all your software needs for before or during a show all on one convenient device that you probably already take everywhere.

i haven't had any other ipods or looked into them, so im not sure if other ipods can double as a hard drive. please share if this works on other ipod models too, but as for the ipod classic, it works perfectly!