How do I get my first gig
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    Default How do I get my first gig

    Hi guys,

    I have bin mixing dubstep on my Kontrol S2 for about 5 months. I think I have the skills to DJ at a party considering all people do around here just press play on their iPods hooked up to some speakers. I know people around here dont like dubstep to much so I know I wont be playing that a parties. People around here always throw parties at this one place but they already have their own DJ so I know thats not a option for me. Im only 14 so I cant get into any Bars or anything like that. I just need some advice on who to talk to and where to go.

    Thanks, DJUSAUS

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    At 14 you need to be breaking out to friends party and families party's and mix the Traditional Party Tracks , some one is always looking for a cheap party DJ e.g for birthdays. Even though you have your own tastes you have to cater to other people young and old. And at fourteen you might be thinking that's not the music i want to play ( and that's how many dj's feel starting out) but you need to cater to a range of audience before catering to a category first. The reason I say this is because it true ! if your doing birthday parties first , your friends their parents and family will say hey he good maybe we should book him for Susan's 16th next year, that's when you start to get client's and the recommend you to others.

    Find out what music that client's like and try and mix those tracks, tell them advertise that besides playing the same old chart stuff you do house music, electro , dnb , dubstep and out of this you will find that once you have made a name for yourself as cheap party dj then you can start working with clients based on a specific genre of music.

    For many dj's it all about the help from other once you start playing and start getting good you get a following and those people will start recommending you and suggest that you play at a club or off the top house party ( when your older ) dropping dirty beats till 4am.

    Thats how it works because that how i did it.

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