Pioneer cdj's and pioneer ddt-t1 \ s1
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    Default Pioneer cdj's and pioneer ddt-t1 \ s1

    So currently i'm using a pair of Pioneer CDJ's but i'm also looking to buy a decent controller for when I travel, I haven't had a chance to try any controllers out yet as I don't know many other DJs in my area. But I would like something good quality and similar to Pioneers CDJ's so my question is...

    How does the Pioneer DDJ-T1 \ S1 compair to Pioneers CDJ's, do they run as smooth, is it very similar to using CDJ's as the layout is pretty much the same?

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    I had CDJ-400's for a while and have a DDJ-S1 now and they are pretty close to the samething. However the DDJ-S1 is nothing near a set of 900's/2000's. Overall I'd say the S1 is a "good" represenation of a Pioneer CDJ set up...lots of it feels very similar, but make no mistake a DJM-800/900 + CDJ's has a better tactile feel. The DDJ-S1 is somewhat big, but VERY light so it's easier to transport.
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