Where do I find the TSP downloads on the NI site ...
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    Default Where do I find the TSP downloads on the NI site ...

    (and yes I've searched, but couldn't find anything in the first three pages)

    Having a minor disaster today - laptop screen broke at 8AM this morning, got a low key gig this evening.

    Managed to borrow the wifes laptop for the evening and am frantically loading s/w onto it so I can do an hours testing before laying (yay!)

    Got Serato up and running on it, and have some playlist on a stick to use, but I have no faith in the decks at this place, and want the backup option to be able to use TSP with my old VCI100-SE (and ideally use TSP with decks and my X1 if I can, as that's my weapon of choice - Serato is just a backup plan for when I'm the only bloke using Traktor at a gig)

    I've loaded the TSP s/w (V1) from the CD that came with A8 all those years ago, and tried to updated to the 2.5.1 version from NI, but am told that it can't detect the 'base' software, so can't upgrade,

    Do need to register TSP before I can apply the update? Is there anywhere I can just get a clean one hit install of the software that I can use my serial with?

    This is all additional stress I really don't need right now ...

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    Download the Demo Traktor 2.5 on NI's site. Then when you open it, a pop up asks you if want to activate your trial version. Click that, and type in your scratch pro 2 serial.

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