Any suggestions on a flight case?
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    Default Any suggestions on a flight case?

    Hey guys, I need to get the ceapest flight case/coffin available and was thinking that you could help me out. My setup is 2 Denon Dns3700's and a Denon dnx1600 mixer. I did a quick google search and found this:

    Can any of you guys find a decent case thats under this price of 254.57? BTW I live in the states.

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    I got the same set up. I had a coffin for it, Odyssey brand, but found it too heavy to move around. So I went with individual cases. Again by Odyssey.

    Odyssey Model numbers are: FR12MIXE for the DNX1600 mixer and 2 FRCDJE for the Denon 3700s. Got em on eBay. Cost me less than $300 for all three.

    Having the individual cases make it easier to fit in the trunk of my car too and easier to lift on and off the DJ booths at the bars and clubs I dj at.
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    Road Ready and Gator probably also make both individual and coffin style cases too.

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