Owning DVS control vinyl and CDs without the gear?
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    Default Owning DVS control vinyl and CDs without the gear?

    So I have been DJing off and on for 15 years from bedroom to skating rinks to mobile then to clubs. I worked my way up the totem pole and got out of DJing and then back in several times over the years. I miss it alot and have sold more gear over the years than any person in their right mind should own LOL... from dual denons, to CDJs, to 1200s and everything in between. I am really wanting to get back into DJing but cant justifly sending $1500 on 1200s, serato, needles, mixer, etc... again.

    I am strongly considering getting a VCI 300 to spin on at home and gigs where its ok for me to use it and buying Serato vinyl, cds, needles, and slipats for playing out at clubs with 1200s or CDs...

    Would definately save alot of money, time, etc.. and would only have to carry around laptop and control vinyl/cds or a VCI 300.

    Any feedback on this? Ideas, advice, etc?

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    As long as you can be sure the venues will have Rane hardware for you to connect to, this would work. I'd just borrow a Serato box to stress-test the system at home for a few days if possible after signing up and downloading the software for free. No SSL supported hardware at home would mean you'd just be able to prepare your crates outside of gigs but that's probably enough for the time being. (I'm not sure whether you'd be able to use the same database between Itch, which you'd be using with the VCI, and SSL).

    Hell if my collection wasn't almost entirely FLAC I'd have installed SSL on my laptop just in case.

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