I have been using Traktor occasionally for a couple of years but I have a number of issues with the playlists:

1) Several of the playlist buttons (Preparation, Demo tracks etc) are locked and are marked with a red "X"
2) When I populate playlist which are marked "not assigned" the playlist is not stored on closing traktor.
3) I have tried importing the last backup playlist file but Traktor freezes
4) I have populated playlists but during a gig last night some of the songs became renamed with the artist and title of another song but the original song. For example Rolling Stones can be re-named Beatles!! (but Rolling Stones play when selected). Also many songs were added to the playlist at the same time!!

Issues 1) and 2) occur in Traktor Pro and Traktor 2
Issues 3) and 4) I have only noticed in Traktor 2 but I suspect will also occur in Traktor Pro.

Anybody where the playlist button names are stored so I can reset them?

Thanks for any help I can get.