TSP 2.5.1 unable to save track collection or playlists, 2.5.0 works fine
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    Default TSP 2.5.1 unable to save track collection or playlists, 2.5.0 works fine

    Quick question...

    I've had to revert back to 2.5.0 because 2.5.1 refuses to save the track collections or playlists.

    Traktor is giving me an error about not being able to write to the disk...

    I first noticed it when a few of my playlists were red... thought nothing of it, imported some new tracks, made some playlists. Quit 2.5.1, relaunched it later in the day and playlists were gone...

    trying reinstalling 2.5.1 , and had the same issue.

    any one else running into this?

    currently running a 2008 macbook on Lion 10.7.4.

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    I'm having the same issue 2.5.1, 2006 MBP running snow leopard 10.6.8
    Traktor Pro 2.1.2
    Kontrol S2, Beringher BCR2000
    MBP - 2.33 C2D, 2Meg RAM, 10.6.8
    iMac - 3.4 i7, 16Meg RAM, 10.7.2

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    I've got no problems with 2.5.1 on MBP 2009 on Lion 10.7.5
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    I ended up fixing the problem by deleting my collection and all the backup collections.

    This forced Traktor to create a new collection file. I then imported my music folders like usual.

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