External soundcard, traktor and ableton
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    Default External soundcard, traktor and ableton

    Hey guys, does anyone here use an external soundcard together with ableton and traktor? How do you route your setup and what are the results?

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    I have. Experimented to get to same setup Richie Hawtin is working with, because I don't like Traktor effects but I would like to use Ableton effects, still with all of Traktor's functions.

    I own a Mac, so it's ten times easier to do it than on a Windows.

    Read this:


    It's exactly how I've done it. Even reserved one input from the DJM-800 for recording!

    I used:
    • MacBook Pro
    • Pioneer DJM-800
    • Traktor Audio 8
    • 2x Traktor Kontrol X1, mapped in Ableton and Traktor simultaneously
    • Jack OS X (which tricks the computer for the virtual soundcard)

    What would you like to know specifically? It's working like a charm, that's for sure! No sign of latency and the MIDI clock stays the same, because I use Traktor's MIDI clock instead of those from tracks. Basically, I sync all the tracks to the MIDI clock.
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    My main interest lies in using ableton for drumming and sampling.
    The reason I mentioned an external soundcard was that I thought that it might be easier to route ableton to traktor that way. But having midi clock from traktor sounds really interesting. Also, the ability to record with ableton sounds cool.

    There doesn't seem to be any reason to get an external soundcard if you read the tutorials, does it?

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