Beginner Soundcard?
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    Default Beginner Soundcard?

    I need help picking out a soundcard. thank you to all helped me in my previous thread. I was originally looking at the M Audio Pro but I would like to hear about some other recommendations you guys have. My budget is 150-200. I would like to pay the least possible.

    It seems as if the M Audio Pro doesnt have many inputs/outputs

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    yeah. it would be great to get a summarizing thread, which kind of compares the soundcard possibilities of the market. its not really helpfuzl to click through numerous threads in which different soundcards are being discussed.
    i would be thankful, if a little "who is who guide" of soundcards could be develpoed here

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    I Agree Lets get it going. So far this thread has been such a big help

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    there's an article that Ean wrote on sound cards under $200... might want to start there. Just sayin
    It's the FAQ. Read it.

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    Ive seen it! Lol. I just would like some User's opinions. i think it would be very helpful! Seeing as how you guys have already helped me so much

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    I think the Numark DJ IO would work great for youand i.s $99.99

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    But wouldnt I need something with more outputs if i do plan in the end to use it with full size speakers etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaycee8980 View Post
    But wouldnt I need something with more outputs if i do plan in the end to use it with full size speakers etc?
    Inputs get sounds in for recording outputs feed speakers .

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    I do not understand?? Would I have an issue with the # of inputs/outputs

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    to play at a club...all you would need is a pair of RCA outs...Left and Right...take those and put them into the main mixer at the club which is already set up to the house speaker system...

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