Keylock really noticeable on Mountain Lion (2.5.1)
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    Default Keylock really noticeable on Mountain Lion (2.5.1)

    I know I've read about a lot of people complaining about key lock in Traktor but in 3 years i've never had any problems with it. But after an update to Mountain Lion something is definitely wrong. Keylock is very noticeable and the track sounds very robotic and tinny. Anyone else having issues?

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    Hmm, for me they fixed the keylock performance issues in 2.5.1 but I'm still running Lion. You could send an email to NI tech support and ask what's going on. The old 2.5 trick was to disable/enable keylock. I assume you are running 2.5.1 and not by mistake 2.5. The other unfortunate workaround is to increase the buffer size, I run with 256 buffers myself as DJ:ing is not the same as tracking recorded guitars where you need low latency.

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