Track waveform in "spectrum" display (similar to TRAKTOR PRO 2) VST/plugin
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    Default Track waveform in "spectrum" display (similar to TRAKTOR PRO 2) VST/plugin

    Hi everyone! Hope u doing great

    Iīve been recently using a lot the spectrum waveform display in TRAKTOR in order to acquire EQ information from my tracks (R,B,G). The idea is to aggregate the maximum as possible track information (like BPM, Key, style, waveform) for my whole collection so I can build better set lists sequences.

    The main issue in this case is that I have more than 200 tracks in my collection and it is been very hard working to cut the spectrum waveforms from TRAKTOR (screen snapshots) and paste in a different document.

    Do you guys know any alternative for that, like a VST or plugin or standalone application that could provide me a timeline spectrum waveform in a list for all tracks, instead of screen snapshots and editing the picture?

    That would help me a lot!!


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    This is not something that you should dedicate any more time to. There are a million better ways of sorting your tracks.
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    Mixed in key will tell you what key it's in. After that I add na energy number to the comment 2 field to help narrow down results. I've alsobneen playing with beatunes lately to add a color or mood to the tracks.
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    Don't do this. There are much better things you could be doing with your music. Like... playing and learning the song so this whole part is irrelevant.

    If you want to classify them, just create your own terminology and use the comment field. It's much easier and quicker.

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    200 tracks how hard can it be to sort them without NASA documenting them. Listen to them and get to know them if you don't know the songs you will need to listen to them anyway when making set lists. if 2 songs are in key C and BPM 128 and their spectrum are similar are no garantie they sound good together. 1 of them could have the bass on the beat and the other of beat witch would make the bass double as fast as each individual song.
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    i was about to get cranky at these guys for not helping you out, as the first time i read it as that you wanted a vst that would give you colored waveforms to use in ableton or something.... But, if i understand this right, you're rebuilding your collection in another document by hand so that you can make playlists for traktor, without using traktor...? That's insane...

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    Thatīs it!!!
    I just want "colored waveforms" to be displayed in a separate doc/VST/plugin so I can normally play my tracks in my CDJs.
    From the comments I got above, Im kinda starting to believe that you guys have other ways/technics to sort your tunes when building a set list which is much better and not so demanding.
    To be honest, the idea to aggregate the maximum as possible track information (like BPM, Key, style, waveform) for my whole collection would possibly give me more freedom to mix my collection in a sort of more random way. But I not that experient and really appreaciate if you guys could give me tips of which musical elements (kicks, snares, hats, ambience, specific synths) should I be aware in order to match songs more naturaly, and making my setlist more narrative.

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    Basically the more you know songs the easier to make playlists ad hoc. Actually the more you play the easier to mix any song with any song.

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    I understand gullum and I ve been hearing this opinion from many other djs. But sometimes is really hard (NASA level!!!) to hear and test combination between more than 200 tracks to build a set list. I am just looking for good softwares that could put me in a more accurate target. I mean, a program that could analyze my tracks and, if not able to indicate which tracks must match, at least could tell me which ones should not match!! Did I made my point clear so far?

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    I would not trust visual clues for track info for mixing.

    * Go through all the songs, mark the genre, bpm and especially energy level, from 1 (one star) sleepy to 5 (five stars) high-energy. If you do in-key mixing and don't have an ear for keys then mark the key, too.

    Then when you mix and have this info in the Traktor browser it's pretty easy to make ad hoc playlists. For example, start with lower bpm lower energy songs, at the highest peak of the evening, play the higher bpm and high energy tracks. Late-late at night take it down to the lower energy ones, again.

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