If you're starting producing and want to give up... bloody dont
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    Default If you're starting producing and want to give up... bloody dont

    I'd dipped into DAWs a bit the last few years, fully submerged myself a few month ago. Produced some bloody awful tracks for a bit while getting to grips with synths, then things started to click together. Wrote my first track, catchy lead, absorbing, sounds good but bloody boring. Then I ended up producing with a local DJ who I'd done artwork (few years older than me) for previously and a guy who was a finalist in a DJ competition. Our track hit 100 downloads and 1000 views on soundcloud (my first major small success(?)) The DJ who I done artwork for moved to greece for the season and I practically locked myself in my bedroom/studio. Next thing I know I was applying for a job at a studio... I got the job, waiting on a start date now.

    Don't give up, if your tracks are shitty then you still have that extremely satisfying initial learning curve ahead of you, worth every moment

    For me I hope my skill grows and that I end up putting out more (and much better) music

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    That reminded me of a post fo mine


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    That video's a great help too! If you shine early on remember how much more you can learn and if you don't, well you've just started, it isn't the easiest of things

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    The curse of production, or being a musician, is that you can never stop learning, always something new around the corner. Which makes it fascinating. When I got tired of playing guitars at jams, I went to jams with drumsticks instead.

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    awesome story! Best of luck to you!
    Quote Originally Posted by teambama View Post
    Check out what paris hilton is doing. You can learn a few things from her. She just started out as well....

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    Been DJing since 1988.

    Still learning...

    Producing since 1992.

    Still learning...

    Have an open mind, its not a race... just enjoy being creative... and good luck!

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    great story good luck
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    I started producing on an Amiga back in 1993 but got really serious with it around 2002-04 when I had a few tunes out (worked with people like Noisia and the likes of Pendulum were playing our tunes). For me though, in the end, it was a massive waste of my time... I just can't commit to spending HOURS sat in front of Cubase listening to the same 16 bar loop on repeat anymore... I've got a girlfriend, a proper job and two mortgages to pay. Producing is a young mans game, lol.

    Shame I guess... but I don't really miss it.

    Fair play to you though OP

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