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    I have a set of Behringer PA speakers to DJ with when I get gigs. I was wondering if it would add a lot if I purchased a sub to acompany the speakers? Has anyone bought a sub and thought hands down everyone should have one if the spot you are djing doesnt have audio equipment?

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    It might help if we knew a little more about the PA setup you currently have and what it would be used for. Basic info would be speaker name and specs, amp specs if applicable, and type of music expected to be played, along with the size of venues you could see yourself playing at in the future. The basic answer would be "yes", as subs are a very important part of recreating the full musical ensemble of any song, but plenty of times they are just not necessary for the venue, type of music, crowd size, or it may even come down to just price. They're not cheap, so I would say if you've got the extra money and feel it would make a significant difference and would enhance your stage presence and complete the delivery of the service you are selling, then think of it as a business expenditure if you can write it off as a legitimate purchase and investment that will help you make money and be successful in the future. Best wishes!

    Edit: Also, the size and performance of your existing PA makes a big difference. If they're inexpensive, basic level, small scale PA speakers, then a sub would benefit your system (assuming you don't wanna spend the money on a better set of satellites first). But if you have huge, powerful, mega-thumping bass monsters that project sounds from Sarah Palin's house to Russia, then you're probably not going to notice as much of a difference. A sub is always nice to have though.
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