New Hardcore Mix - Feedback Appreciated
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    Default New Hardcore Mix - Feedback Appreciated

    Hi one and all, here's a Hardcore/(UK Hardcore?) mix I did over the weekend.

    Enjoy, and please help me improve by providing feedback!



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    The first track was really muted and not very sharp. It's always hard/impossible to mix sharp and dull tracks together well! The rest of the mix went really well together though. It sounded like there was some bass blah going on around 11:22 probably from two tracks being ever so slightly off, but you probably noticed that too. Good job overall.

    How many red bulls did you drink while making this mix? I'm joking You don't need to be a fan of a genre to hear good mixing.

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    Lol Thanks for the feedback! I did try to get a clearer version of the first song, but alas, couldn't find it.

    Aaaannnd I was preeety sober when I did this mix.


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    Dope mix man.
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