Whenever I try to plug in my launchpad to traktor it freezes to the point where i have to hold the power button down to restart it....I get it to work every once in a while but when i exit out of traktor and open it up later it freezes again. It doesnt even save my settings. Every time i open traktor i have to import the tsi file again. Once I have the tsi imported, I exit out of traktor so it will save my settings but it does not. I have tried opening traktor, plugging in launchpad, then import tsi (Like a different post instructed me to do) and it automatically sets the ins and outs for me and thats when it freezes. Meanwhile my Mixtrack Pro is ready to go and has no problems. My computer is running a 2.8 GHz dual core processor with 6 gigs of ram so i doubt that it is the computer. This problem happens every time and after about 10 times of me plugging in launchpad and holding down the power button to restart it...it magically works. Im getting tired of having to restart my computer 10 times before i get around to mixing. Its really starting to take the fun out of djing because I know i will have to go through this EVERY SINGLE TIME!