Deck play mapping for sample decks in Traktor 2.5?
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    Default Deck play mapping for sample decks in Traktor 2.5?

    Hey everyone,

    Before I upgraded to 2.5 there used to be a "deck play" mapping option for the sample decks and now it seems as it has disappeared. Basically, I want to play or pause let's say sample deck 3 slot 1 with the hit of a button. I do not want to play ALL slots at the same time, I want to individually control the play of each slot with a different button. Has this mapping option disappeared? All I see if "play all slots" or "trigger all slots" options!

    edit: And is it me but do the samples not automatically play when they're loaded now? Before I would map a button to capture a loop from a deck and it would automatically play. The button next to it i mapped for play/pause of that individual sample deck. Has this all changed since 2.5???

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    Yeah some stuff changed. Here's my X1 mapping for 2.5.1 You should be able to use it to figure out what's needed to fix your mapping for whatever controller you're using.
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    hmmm, that's pretty terrible. why would they change that?

    i'm not too comfortable with importing mapping settings, i'm wondering if you could briefly explain how you get an individual sample slot to play?

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