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    Long story short:

    If I buy a controller on DJTT and ship it to Germany, how high would the costs be and is for example the vci-400?
    Some products have higher taxes on them - for example gold - some less: DVDs, Blue Rays etc.
    How is it about controllers?
    I just wanna know how much I need to pay additionaly on the tax to ship the product to my house.

    Here is my example offer - which shows something really strange (negative shipping costs)

    Subtotal $899.00
    Shipping/Handling -$22.89
    Grand Total $876.11

    Is this even possible? Or is it some kind a discount? And how much would I need to pay for import-tax on this example? They say that for every product above 150$ value you have to pay additional taxes on the 19%.

    Even aprox. information is gladly awaited

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    just figured it out myself.

    this will make 850 euros out of 716 dollars. Intense. And that for open box. if you know convert 850 euros back to dollars it would make 1044.61dollars = the price of new (not open box) one.

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