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    Just some general musings while sitting here on my sofa a nice California Sunday day when I should take my BMW bike out for a motorcycle trip...

    In general, you need to objectively read all kinds of product recommendations. They have a lot of objectivity embedded, such as:

    * Someone has invested a large sum of money for a certain piece of equipment so it better be good.
    * Same if someone has a long history of using a certain brand, there's vested interest where even lemons have to be justified.
    * There's also the case where it's best to give an example. My ex-manager is always keen on giving me advice which motorcycle to purchase next. I think the reason is that his garage is shock-full of bikes and he wants 'shop' for me.
    * Some get stuck on an old technology concept so any new ideas are frown about, ex: Twitch and no jog wheels.
    * Some just don't know anything about equipment, they got something for cheap and use that as their internal reference while not knowing what better sounds or works.
    * Or then they don't want to spend much on equipment and justify cheaper alternative as good enough or really good, while this might not be the case.
    * There's also the envy or some company doing really good products so they have to find all kinds of excuses, sometimes valid, sometimes silly, to take that down.

    I really like someone who describes not just pros, also the cons, concerning why they recommend something, just to be more objective.

    Anyway, time to take out my bike.

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    Oh, here's another one about product recommendations about products not yet released. Casio this year had a big PR marketing bang about them re-entering the synthesizer Hw market with XW-P1, all kinds of YouTube clips and so on. I was a little bit intrigued as I needed a cheap but good stage synthesizer. So when it finally shipped and I could test it over at GC it was the most plasticy hardware synth, hardware wise and sound-wise, I've ever encountered. So just read between the lines when the next new thing is being hyped.

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