2.2.8 vci mapping questions.
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    Default 2.2.8 vci mapping questions.

    Hey guys.

    Just playing around with the VCI-100 2.2 mapping that ean created. A couple of things I have noticed so far.. perhaps someone more knowledgeable could answer ?

    1) Using the 2.2 mapping, the tempo faders are set in the preferences to +/-100%, but when you move the physical faders on the VCI to their max and mins, it only moves the onscreen ones by a tiny amount (+/-8%). Why is this ? Its to do with the 2.2 mapping cause it doesnt happen on the default 1.0 mapping. I am just wondering why you don't have the preferences set to +/-8% and have the physical faders move the onscreen ones the whole way up and down ? Why was it done this way ? Also, if I want to change this, how do I set the tempo faders sensitivity ?

    2) The button marked 'pause' (second in from the right, on the row of 4 transport buttons at the bottom) seems to have two different operations, not sure if this is a bug or intended.
    Firstly, if you are on a cue point and press and hold the button, it plays from that cue point until you release the button, which then resets it back to the cue point.
    However, if you aren't on the cue point when you press the button, all it does is jump to the cue point, and holding it down does NOT start it playing from that position..

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    1) yeah .. you might need to adjust those settings: http://www.djtechtools.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1653
    2) seems like normal behavior to me
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