DJTT Producers mixup!!!
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    Default DJTT Producers mixup!!!

    Yo Yo,

    We ain't just selectas we produce the bangers as well. A lot of it' makes me go like this too:

    Post links to your tracks here or send them to me @ and this time next week im going to post a mix of em all for the aural pleasure of the esteemed members of this here forum.

    Let's go!

    Rj x

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    i was wondering where this thread went, could have sworn i saw it in General not too long ago.. XD

    i've got 3 produced tracks, 2 of them dnb, and breakbeat-esque track. take your pick :P

    Afterdeath -

    808 Faceplant -

    Off The Map -

    sounds like a sweet idea, btw! / /
    me on beatport / me on djtunes
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    I don't mean to be so lazy (pre-apologizing). But if you are interested in any of my songs on my myspace let me know and I'll send to you in 320.
    SyblingQ - Electro House for dark alleys.

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    Cheers guys, will give these a listen at work today, Foreverhex I'll let you know when i've listened thru them all.


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    you interested in hip hop thats the only tracks i produce right now
    my arsenal:
    2x vestax pdx, numark dxm09, m-audio x session pro, and ableton live 6.

    I spin hip hop/electro/top 40

    my 10minmix video

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    Absolutely, forgot to say, any genre welcome. Send away.

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    Only got one track up there at the moment, but working on more :-D

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    Any more takers????

    Any genre!

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    holy mother of tom cruise RJW! That tune is seriiiiiiiousssssss! I'm not even a major fan of this style, but this is so in.

    boom. keep em coming everyone! There must be more.... ?

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    P.S RJW can you mail me a 320 of that?}

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