*Link to larger cover art* http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/m...usCoverArt.jpg

My first mix in which I've given it a theme and used art, tracks, thoughts and custom VOX to make it HOLD to the theme for the entire mix. I've spent a couple days programming this set to come out just the way I want, and I think I got nearly 95% there with how I imagined it. Please leave feedback for a starving artist

Also, note that the download option is enabled. Please keep for future enjoyment! Oh, and don't forget to download the artwork :tup:


1 Intro
2 Qo - Infected (Original Mix)
3 N. Phect - Cascade (Original Mix)
4 Culture Shock - Troglodyte (Original Mix)
5 Optiv, BTK - No Way Out (Original Mix)
6 Cern - Through Your Eyes (Original Mix)
7 Noisia, The Upbeats - Dustup (Original Mix)
8 Apex - Same Old Blues (Original Mix)
9 Nocturnal - Musk Up (Original Mix)
10 Catacomb - The Zodiac (Misanthrop Remix)
11 Dose - Think Straight (Original Mix)
12 Optiv, BTK - Let Yourself Go (Original Mix)
13 Mindscape - Vulture (Dose & Menace Remix)
14 June Miller, Heavy1 - Judge (Original Mix)
15 Maxtek - Renegade (Optiv Remix)
16 Bulletproof - Made In Detroit (Original Mix)
17 Xample - Contra feat. Lomax (Original Mix)
18 Cern - Satellites (Phace Remix)

Ellissentials is injecting you with a venomous blend of Drum and Bass.
You are now infected