My weekly favourite ableton tutorial. The last drum rack you'll ever make!
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    Default My weekly favourite ableton tutorial. The last drum rack you'll ever make!

    Okay, so I'm starting this thread to share with you ableton tutorials that I find online which are great quality and really inspiring.
    All the credits are to the creators of the videos, I just enable them to you for easy acces here!

    Hope you enjoy.

    This week. The last Drum Rack You'll Ever Make!

    This one makes really good use of sampler and drum racks to create a custom drum rack that will help you easily scroll through your vast sample library of kicks, hats, snares without having to drag and drop from your finder window every time you want to change the sound.

    My suggestion on this aproach:

    1) Separate the drum racks into the elements that may have similar effects processing.
    E.g. Make one drum rack containing Kick and snare, and clap samples as you may want to apply similar compression to both at the same time. Make another drum rack with your cymbals, and another for percussion. This way it will be easier to apply effects to similar sounding elements.

    2) If you like to layer kicks and snares. Just duplicate the samplers in the drum rack to another slot and there you go. If you do this I would suggest adding a macro controlling a filter on the sampler as to eliminate frequencies from some of the layers.

    Hope this helped, stayed tuned for more!

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    Nice tip Coming from FL where auditioning and adding samples is a dream, I found this to be very tiresome in Ableton.

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    really useful

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