Genres....What genre is this?!
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    Default Genres....What genre is this?!

    Hi everyone,

    Currently I'm trying to find music to purchase that I like and would want to DJ with, but I have a problem....

    I know WHAT music I want, but I can't find it!

    For example...I love the sound of "Otto Knows & Chocolate Puma - Solarian Voices"

    and from my understanding it falls into the House/Electro House genre?
    I like the uplifting tune and melody at the chorus and build up etc

    But then I go on beatport and search and search and I only find music that.... well, sounds like a complete different kind of music, such as....."Jochem Hamerling - Secret Shuffle"

    - this seems to have the same beat through the song and not much change or tune to it, even though falls into the 'same' genre?

    My concern is the ALL sound like this...
    Am I getting the genre wrong? Wrong place to get music?

    Hopefully someone can help
    And hopefully you understand what I'm on about...

    And yes.... I'm a newbie
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    The second one is definitely tech house in my ears. The first one is a mixture of styles, a lot of the new London-Euro centric pop-anthem dance music. Don't know even what it is called, Indie-Dance not.

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    ya your looking in the wrong genre

    the first track you probably know is otto knows -millions voices with the other track laid over top
    what you need is a list of producers that make all of this uplifting progressive house. then just browse through their releases and charts on beatport.

    this will get you started

    Joe Garston - forever
    Alesso ft mathew kroma - years
    project 46 - reasons
    Tune in tokyo - ray of love (denzal park)
    Basto - again and again
    obviously 90% of avicii's releases
    Arty - Kate
    kaskade & Quillnez - Stars Troll

    Good luck
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