Laptop Music Organizer Software and backup
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    Default Laptop Music Organizer Software and backup

    Novice in need of help here:

    Heres a list of my current practice which I need opinions and help on what I need to change.

    1. I have yet to organize my thousand of mp3s which currently sits in "my music" folder in my laptop. I created folders for the genres such as Hip Hop/R&B/Oldies/Rock/Country/Etc.

    2. Everytime I need to search for a specific song, i just simply use windows search for the file feature ( I know there has to be an easier way).

    3. When I make a backup of "my music" folder, i simply copy and paste to another drive. The issue I have here is as I get new MP3's to each Genre(Folder), when its time to copy/paste for backup I end up copying the complete "my music folder" all over again, since I do not know how to just update the MP3's I've added.
    I'm sure there is another practice, or another software that i need here. I want to keep the backup as MP3 however, not some other format if possible.

    So yeah, i need some overall better music organizing here and backup solution.

    Note: I've been using Virtual DJ 7 to simply pull the mp3's out of the folder as needed.

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    For synching music collection and backup on Windows I recommend Microsoft's very own SyncToy.

    Why not import all your music folders in Virtual DJ 7 and use its search instead. Another way would be using *cough* iTunes to organize the music. Virtual DJ can directly access the iTunes-database. the new DJ community

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    ummm... itunes

    If you ever want to use serato or traktor in the future they all can import itunes playlists.

    people quibble itunes but it's still the best overall solution for future proofing and cross software compatibility
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    Default Re: Laptop Music Organizer Software

    You should take a look at NeatMP3. It might be what you need.

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