Hey everyone! i'm new to this forum so pardon me if this has already been covered (I have done several searches and not come with any useful results) I've been Dj'ing for slightly over a year now and have just picked up a 4trak as a graduation present. Prior to this I used traktor pro v1.2.4, and an X-Session Midi controller so this is a huge jump for me. I'm really loving the new controller but I've ran into one problem that's bugging me out pretty hard.

Whenever I am hot-cueing a track while its playing the track (being hotcued) will unsync. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem because I know how to beatmatch well enough, But there are points when I am running 3-4 channels simultaneously or when I am doing Live mashups and I need my hotcues to be synced so they stay in perfect phase with the other tracks I'm playing/mixing. I am using currently Traktor pro v2.0.3. (i was also experiencing this problem with the Traktor 4Trak aka lite edition) Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.