5.1 suround sound cards and Traktor Pro
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    Default 5.1 suround sound cards and Traktor Pro

    Hi guys,

    When at home, I use a built in 7.1 (and sometimes USB 5.1), surround sound card to practise on.

    In virtual DJ, I can choose 4.1 card, and split the outputs for either external mixing or internal and headphone cue without a problem.

    However, when using the same card in traktor pro, it only shows a single pair of outputs. The only way I can access all the separate channels is to use asio4all otherwise traktor just doesn't see them, despite the fact the card is setup correctly under windows (vista).

    So whats up ?

    On a related note, when using asio4all, I regularly get one deck that just stops playing after a certain point, which I am sure is to do with asio4all and my sound card drivers somewhere (not actually an issue with traktor as such).. So I am particularly interested in trying to get the above issue resolved.

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    Just our of curiousity what kind of USB 5.1 soundcard are you using?

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    For home use, have internal 7.1 HD audio codec built in, and a USB creative sound blaster 24bit, 5.1. For gigging, I use a terratec phase 26 usb. They all only show 2 pair of outputs, unless routed through aiso4all. I do wonder if the issue is vista 64.

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