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    Default [Traktor Pro 2] [Q] Load to grid marker instead of load marker?

    Hey all,

    Got a small thing that's been annoying me ever since I started using Traktor Pro a few months ago. I never really found a solution for this.

    Anyway, the thing is, everytime I load a track onto Deck A or B, the orange line doesn't click onto the grid marker. I know there's an option to set it to click onto the LOAD marker when you load the track, but is there one for GRID markers?

    All my tracks have the grid markers set on the first beat, and it will be a HUGE pain in the butt to have to add load markers to all of them, as well as use up a spot in the hot cues bank just for a load marker, which I think shouldn't really be necessary in my case (I want the track to cue at the first beat, a.k.a where my grid marker is).

    I guess this is more of a request as opposed to bug report, which I think this thread may look a little bit like :S

    Either way, anyone who knows how to do this will save me a LOT of time, because currently what I'm doing to tracks like these are press play/pause really quickly (until I'm close enough to the grid marker), then press cue to click onto the grid marker, or manually move there using my mouse (no jog wheels on my M-Audio mixer).


    Here are a few pictures to show you what I mean:

    This is what happens when I load a track

    This is where I want it to go when I load it

    Would be awesome if someone could provide a solution or an option to untick/tick something I may have missed (have already browsed the Preferences many times!)

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    Hi mate,

    Go the preferences. Under file management there is an option "Store beatmarker as hotcue" . go ahead and uncheck that. Now, go back to your track and set the load marker on top of your original cue point and voiala .. you now have the track loading on the grid marker, but have a spare hotcue.
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    Hey Jester,

    Thanks for the reply, man. Did not see that option there before!

    Anyway, I have tried it, but it doesn't really help for me, unfortunately.

    I would still have to add a load marker onto each track (which is what I'm trying to avoid doing), and it also means unticking that option would not allow me to press Hot Cue Button 1 to jump back to the start of my track

    Jump to start of track doesn't go to the grid marker either, it jumps to that little small space before it.

    I think in short, what I want to achieve is, have the grid marker be seen as a load marker, if this is possible to do :S

    Your method would work if there is a possible way to change ALL grid markers into load markers though


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    The method already is really the best of only two open to you. Either that, or you have to have to take up two hotcues for every track. One for the grid and one for the load. This is not really worth it though, as the time it takes you to action putting in the extra load marker you might as well do what was suggested already, and you will only be using one default cue per track:

    When you uncheck 'Store Beatgrid as hotcue' if you highlight your hotcue 1, and select the type as grid, it will keep the grid in place, but free up the hotcue. Now hit your hotcue 1 button again and this time change it to a load marker. Voila, one hotcue space taken per track, and grid and load markers functioning as one essentially...

    The only circumstance that this is not helpful for, is if you have multiple tempos in one track. Then you can have your first grid marker set without being a hotcue, but all subsequent grid markers must be stored as hotcues, otherwise when you change the track's determined tempo, the grid won't snap to the 2nd or any subsequent grid markers.

    It literally takes 10 seconds per track. It's so quick you can even do it on the fly as your playing.

    Unfortunately this is the thing about the learning curve with Traktor. When you find a more streamlined method of doing what you want, there is not usually a one click fix for it...

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    I know exactly what you mean and it annoys the hell out of me as well. I am amazed that traktor don't offer the ability to add a grid/load marker combo as a cue option.

    The best solution I use is to set up a keyboard shortcut key with some actions attached to it that create the load marker in the second slot and then map that slot onto the first slot (where the grid marker is). For some reason when you map, the grid marker stays in place along with the load marker in the first slot and that frees up your other slots and keeps things nice and tidy.

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    I wish Traktor had this functionality as well. What I would like is a combination grid/load/loop marker because that is generally what I want for my first cue point.

    What I have set up as a work around is a mapping for my S4 that sets a grid marker for the first cue and a load marker for the 8th cue (I never use more than 4 cues).

    I'm going to check into this option however because that should free up my first slot to use as a loop or just a regular cue point.

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    I will set a grid marker (cue 1) then drop a load marker on top of it (cue 2) then once you do that if you click map by the cue points you can map cue point 2 to cue point 1 and the grid marker will still be there with the load marker on top of it but your only using one cue point.

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    There is a way to do this. It is going to take time to do to your tracks but there is a way.

    This is how I do it:

    Analyze tracks with Auto grid / hot cue enabled.

    I check the beatgrid, make any necessary adjustments, ensure grid marker is on desired cue 1 / load point then lock grid.

    Set cue 2 in same location as the auto grid marker on cue 1.

    Change cue 2 to a load marker.

    Click map (in cue control panel of track deck)

    Click cue 1. This places the load marker in the same cue 1 slot, on top of the grid marker in cue 1!)

    It's been available for quite some time, this is from 2010

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