Using an External HDD for Playing Live
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    Default Using an External HDD for Playing Live

    i tried searching back a bit but couldnt find a specific thread that addresses this.

    im running out of room on my laptop HDD, so i started putting music on my external(Western Digital Mybook 750GB 7200RPM). Should i be removing tracks that i dont play as often(and store them to the ext?) or is it ok to just keep expanding my collection to my ext and use that to play live in traktor as well.
    Your thoughts on this?

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    I used to spin with my whole collection on an external hard drive. Didn't have any problems at all. Once, when I changed my enclosure I got some ground hum, but with some replugging that went away.
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    where is your backup? how high is the risk of it being stolen. happened once to a bigger name DJ.

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    All depends on your processor speed and how much usb gear you have. At one point I had a usb controller, a usb sound card, and a usb hard drive. It caused clipping on a slightly underpowered laptop. I'm probably going to swap my internal hard drive out for a bigger faster one soon and set it up to dual boot. One boot for daily stuff, and one minimized boot for djing from.
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