crooklyn clan checkout errors?
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    Default crooklyn clan checkout errors?

    The second day in a row now, first with firefox, now chrome, i spent about 4 hours swimming through crooklyn clan and filled up a nice sized shopping cart of rock redrums and mashups. after i proceeded to paypal, made the proper confirmations, it tries to transfer back to your crooklyn clan's page to finish the transaction and boom i get a blank screen with the address .
    this is completely frustrating as i spent yesterday and wound up empty handed for my set last night. and now again, 4 hours later, im left without a single downloaded track. i havent seen any paypal transactions completed, so thats a plus, BUT f*** how do i get over this feeling that i lost 8 hours of my life this weekend?

    more importantly, anyone else have these issues. oh! and now when i try and go to corkyland clan, i get a blank page !!! Screen shot 2012-08-18 at 5.24.31 PM.jpg

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    Email customer support and explain this issue. They were quite helpful for me...
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