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    Anyone else use ssd for storing their music on their main laptop? Do you notice a performance increase and stability from it? Curious to hear opinions on it.

    I run 2 SSD in mine and can I noticed a slight difference plus when switched to all ssd gave me a reason to be more selective on tracks and still have a slimmed but full selection on hand.
    120gb main drive and 160 for music only

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    A friend of mine just got so much better performance out of it, that I'm considering dropping the CD/DVD and doubling down on both spaces holding a SSD. I'm not quite ready yet but it would solve all my immediate computer problems.

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    I don't know how much of a difference it's made beyond general system usage. Hard to gauge beyond power on and off and application launching as system specs are core 2 duo extreme x9100 and 8gb ram.

    Time on boot alone makes it worth it IMO I can pull it out and be in itch or traktor in under 30 seconds with a track loaded.

    Wouldn't mind seeing how well it handles video mixing since it has I believe a 9800mobile video card so likely can handle the video fairly well.

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    i have an ssd and hdd in my macbook, performance all round is much quicker off the ssd

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