MIDI LED Keyboard tutor: anyone here with programming/hardware experience
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    Default MIDI LED Keyboard tutor: anyone here with programming/hardware experience

    Hey everybody given the DIY spirit of the community I figured i'd see if anyone was willing to help with a idea I have. After playing with the polychord app on my iPad (highly recommend it) I thought it was awesome being able to play chords and scales so easily but I still have the desire to actually play these on a midi keyboard. I know I could easily record the chords and scales and refer to the screen and try play them back but I find this to be ineffective.

    The idea I have is to create an LED bar that lays on top of an existing keyboard. The LED bar would accept midi and light up when the corresponding midi notes are output. So for example if I wanted to play an C Minor chord, the LEDs would light up over the corresponding notes. I think this would be a really effective way of learning chords and scales, I also believe it'd be great for visual learners. I know I find it easy to get lost on a piano.

    So what I'm looking for is someone who is capable of making such a device. I'm not sure how necessary programming is, if the LED bar can accept midi then anyone using a DAW/Maschine should be able to draw in the right chords/scales and the LED's should light up no problem (I think?). If anyone here knows anyone please spread the word i'd love to see this idea materialize and maybe it could even be sold as a DIY kit like the VCI 100 arcade mod back in the day.

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    hi, I had the same idea, but not only with a keyboard, also a Guitar and a Violin, but I need help with the MIDI programming

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