Pioneer - recent price drop across most products.
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    Default Pioneer - recent price drop across most products.

    Hey DJTTers,

    It seems that some Pioneer resellers in Australia has very recently, in the past week or so dropped the prices on across all, if not most of their products. (I don't regularly pay attention with all the products...)
    But for the ones that I do, I remember:

    CDJ 2000s - They were selling for around AU$2000 each. Down to 17** - 18** now.
    CDJ 900s - From ~$15** down to $12** - 13** now.
    So as others items compared to the changed prices in stores to the ones that haven't yet.
    All headphones and earphones:
    HDJ 1000s - ~$200 down to ~$159, lowest now.
    HDJ 2000s - I remember they were selling around 300 recently. Down to $20*.
    HDJ 500s - Most stores were selling it at $149.
    I got my HDJ500 at $135 under 3 weeks ago. Now at $95, lowest! =/

    Everything Pioneer wise seems more affordable now. Anybody know why the change? Or is it just Aus retailers reducing their high prices compared to other countries? What are the prices like of Pioneers in your country? Let's compare.
    It's time to buy a pair or two of Pioneer closed dynamic earphones that I have been waiting for over 2 years to get them!

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    it's fucked up how you aussies get ripped off on electronics. but anyway: i can't see a huge price drop where i'm at.

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    We pay the most... Don't know why as we are close to Taiwan so shipping can't be the reason, and we have the GST so tax shouldn't be the reason.
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    Everything here in australia should have a price drop......
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