Pioneer Rekordbox 'Sync"
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    Default Pioneer Rekordbox 'Sync"!

    If Pioneer wanted to, couldn't they just do this with the current line DJM/CDJ setups? maybe by firmware update or by adding some type hardware (to buffer?) to enable it?

    Don't know anything about programming, or how rekordbox works, but just thought I'd ask.
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    Maybe in the future they will but I don't expect them to with the next iteration or for them to add sync to the top end line of players and not sure how feasible a firmware upgrade would be if they even wanted to do it (which I doubt). Not having beat sync is a feature and marketing thing for them so they can market is as a more traditional and "real" system- same reason SSL doesn't have sync and won't any time soon.

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    1. you might as well play on a controller then

    2. it would practically turn Rekordbox into a DVS

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