2 xone k2's (n00bish Midi clock sync question)
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    Default 2 xone k2's (n00bish Midi clock sync question)

    Alright guys... there might be a very simple answer to this question but its busting my balls!!! I have only used controllers in the past and haven't had any encounters like this until just now.

    So I picked up a xone k2. My buddy and I dj together and decided we are going to set up with two of these and an external mixer.

    WHY AM I ONLY ABLE TO SYNC WITH MIDI CLOCK??? IS IT THE ONLY POSSIBLE WAY? I have never encountered this problem.... It's not that big of an issue... but it'll be pretty annoying in the long run. I just got rid of my s2 and played out with it all the time and it was perfect. I know the K2 isn't supposed to be the easy plug and play controller but I wasn't expecting it to mess with my layout and all that. I am ready to conquer this and I hope you guys are easy on me... One other thing I noticed when I initially plugged in the k2 was it immediately changed my layout options. I used to have four options something along the lines of MIXER, EXTENDED, BROWSER, and something else I can't think of at the moment. Now I only have MA CLOCK+REC/MA EFFECTS. As well as the generic layout options from the layout manager in preferences. PLEASE HELP A /b/rother OUT!! thanks

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    hi - it appears that you are running my tsi's for the K2's. MA = Mix Architekt

    these tsi's are not intended to be a 1 to 1 map of all of traktor's controls; instead they are a full method of working based on my preferences, adapted from the rig i use in performance.

    there are specific interactions mapped between the controls and the layouts, which is why everything has changed from your previous S2 setup. it's also recommended that you don't use the trackpad/mouse when using this tsi so you don't get the layout states confused. things like the browser only view close automatically when you load a track, and the load buttons also indicate which decks are open.

    all of this is covered in the PDF that comes with the tsi.

    my maps are also entirely based on using the internal master clock for sync, with direct control over master pitch bend and BPM, along with individual pitch bends for the decks. this enables me to mix into other dj's while having multiple decks running, and make adjustments to phase relationships between decks if they're out... it also facilitates dynamic changes of bpm, as i often move from low 120's into 140 and back again.

    because of the commitment to the internal master clock, you'll notice that there are no controls for the deck pitch faders, master/slave, etc. this is because the other modes are not the intended approach of this tsi.

    if you would prefer a different set of layouts and control scheme, you should either find a different map, or take a stab at modifying mine to serve your needs. otherwise, take a look at the pdf that's included with the tsi and you'll find an very efficient and effective way of working that is the byproduct of many years of development and performance that started with the xone 3D+traktor 3, through a wide range of gear into the present.

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