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    Default Mapping Tricks Tips And techniques

    Hey guys,
    I was hoping to expand my mapping knowledge and learn some cool new tricks. I intend this to be for Traktor but you can post any cool stuff worth learning. I am fairly new to mapping and have a lot to learn, and I hope to learn not only advanced techniques but also simple things. I would like to build a DECENT mapping help database so please leave all the help you can. Including working hotcues.

    prefered format:

    EX: Pause/play
    command ADD IN>Transport>Pause/play
    Learn: Shift+1
    Interactive mode: DEC
    Modifier conditions: MOD:1 VALUE:2 MOD:1 VALUE:2
    Assignment: Deck A

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    Check the mapping forum sticky for tips and tricks, read the Traktor manual (found by clicking help in Traktor when not in full screen mode), the best resource for mapping is the Traktor Bible (I highly suggest buying one), the DJTT blog archives have good mapping articles and videos, and YouTube has some videos on the subject from various sources. Most mapping commands are the same or similar for all versions so older info still works. For a list of the changes go to the

    As there is already alot of info/resources on the subject out there, I doubt very many forum members will add individual commands to this thread as you requested.

    If you have any specific questions on something you don't understand/can't figure out, ask away. Most of the mapping is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Modifiers can twist your melon a bit though. Good luck!

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