I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this topic/question, apologies if not, I'm new on here.

I'm wanting a new DJ/Music Production desk. The problem I am having is finding a desk which accommodates both a DJ and Studio set-up which atm are separated. The DJ equipment I have is CDJ 900s and a DJM 900 mixer, which would have to be at standing height (around 100-110cm) and studio Equipment sitting down height around 70-80cm, with space for desktop PC, audio interface, LCD Monitor etc.. I also have two sets of monitors (Yamaha, KRK).

I have looked at quite a few DIY examples and have found that the DJ equipment tends to be to low at around 75-80cm which isn't what I want.

The Sefour X60 desk/design is actually along the right lines of what I want. http://www.sefour.com/XR600%20STUDIO...E%20WALNUT.htm But I have read a number of bad reviews about Sefour. I also bought the X30 a few years ago which arrived damaged. Them monitor brackets don't look great either.

Does anyone on here know of any alternative desks to buy or similar DIY designs?

Any help much appreciated