DJM800/850/900 Ableton Modelling?
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    Default DJM800/850/900 Ableton Modelling?

    I Dj for fun, mostly just as a way to play my productions, which I place most of my focus on. Because of this I'm not really interested in shelling out at least 1500 on one of those USB routable Mixers, like the 850, 900NXS, or the Xone DB2/4. To get around this I purchased just a little X-Session Pro by M-Audio, and stick that in the middle of my Ableton setup when I'm at home, and then transfer over to a real mixer in a club or bigger show.

    But to get to the point:

    I wondered if anyone had spent the time to model the sound of the filters, and EQ's of one of the standard club mixers, (like Pioneer, or Allen & Heath) in Ableton with the built in effects? That way I could practice my sets with confidence. It's a project that I would take on myself if I had access to a mixer like that because I think it would be quite a useful resource for all Ableton DJ's out there, but sadly I don't.

    Anyways if you have, let me know and I would love to steal your .als!

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    Default's a link to Tarekith's EQs, which model some very good mixers, check them out. I use the Xone ones, I think the three band might be a DJM, but don't remember

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    theres a free plugin that emulates the DJM Colour Filter FX that Steve Duda from Xfer Records made, heres the link!

    Other than that there are lots of Ableton DJ Racks that you could just look up, though I do find most of them not 'one-knob' based so I tend to put them in another rack and map them myself to a single knob/parameter for faster/tactile control
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